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A beautiful wall banner featuring the Celtic Cross diagram from Larry Duggins' book "Simple Harmony." 4' x 2.5' on indoor-grade vinyl  $40 + shipping.  Email to order.

Also available as glossy cards in half-page or quarter-page sizes.  

Larry's book can be purchased in the Amazon store for $10
(Shipping cost is not included) 


"The study I am preparing for a group of ~25 women is entitled 'Revelatory Wisdom of Living Upside Down.'  I am breaking the Sermon on the Mount down into 4 sessions: The Beatitudes, The Lord's Prayer, Fasting/Simplicity/Service and Judgment/Discernment.  While these are well-studied chapters from Matthew, I am concerned that both the culture and the church are becoming numb to the familiar, so to speak.  These cards will be visual and tactile reminders of our purpose in this life. I intend to weave discussion around the cards throughout the study.  Many thanks for arranging this piece of the 'lesson plan' for me!"
Tracy Brinkley | Chair of Missions | Memorial UMC | Thomasville, NC

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