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Cost & Funding

The two-year cost for the Launch and Lead is $6,000 which includes:

  • All coursework
  • Four retreats, including lodging and meals
  • Six days apart
  • Individual coaching
  • Spiritual direction
Tuition does not include travel or textbooks.

Our students have accessed a variety of funding sources to help with tuition:

  • Texas Methodist Foundation
  • Duke Endowment
  • Congregational Development funds
  • District Funds for new ministries or leadership development
  • Individual Churches

We believe it is vital that individuals have at least a minimal level of financial responsibility for their own tuition. It has been determined that full scholarships can create a diminished level of commitment and/or accountability for the difficult work required in the academy.  Therefore, even for a college student, it is suggested that a payment breakdown be devised, for example, where the student pays 2% and the balance is borne by a combination of their home church, their Wesley Foundation, their conference, etc.  Preferably the additional funding would be derived from the context in which they will be building community, so that there is support, accountability and glad expectation!

Every situation is different and diversity of socio-economic backgrounds is an important goal.  Therefore, a person of little means would be welcomed to be on full scholarship.  But there would still be the need to determine how accountability would be defined for him or her.  That's true on the other side of the continuum as well!  If a person of great means could easily walk away because the tuition fee is of little consequence to them, it would be the same challenge!

Payment arrangements are flexible on a monthly or quarterly basis.  For details, contact Larry Duggins.

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