Clarify - Summer 2016

Clarify - Summer 2016

I gained a great deal by being immersed in the community of Asheville, NC, the Brooks-Howell Home and its residents as well as parish ministries in the area.  I was able to further discern my calling as it relates to ordination in the United Methodist Church and see a variety of ways in which it may play out within the local parish and beyond.”
                  Allyssa Green,
                  Gammon Theological Seminary

Many college students feel a nudge toward Christian ministry, but not all of them feel called to be pastors.  Whether called to ordained or lay leadership, emerging Christian leaders need a missional imagination in order to fully participate in God’s work in the world.  Clarify provides a powerful context for vocational discernment toward ordained and lay leadership.  Clarify is deeply oriented toward a missional understanding of the church as God’s sent-out people.

Clarify is an ecumenical three-week summer immersion that combines undergraduate academic courses in missional spirituality with local missional engagement and new monastic living in intentional community.  Students will receive six hourse of academic credit for the class through Pfeiffer University, an SACS accredited university (subject to final administrative approval). The students will meet in classrooms each weekday morning for three hours taking classes entitled Exploring Christian Leadership and Contemplative Prayer – Missional Spirituality. Each afternoon, the students will participate in the transformation of Bethesda UMC into Haw Creek Commons by participating in the construction of a tiny house. Students will become aware of construction techniques and alternatives for tiny houses, and will consider them from a stewardship and alternative housing perspective. Students will learn about co-working, maker spaces, and community crafting as worshipping communities.

For the three weeks of the program, the students will function as a new monastic community. They will agree to adhere to a simple rule of life for the community. They will be housed in a nearby residence, and will begin and end each day with times of prayer. They will share daily meal preparation and cleaning responsibilities.

“The most valuable experiences I had centered around the prayerful, intentional presence of the participants in fellowship and in the context of the city.  I loved the rhythm of life as we lived, prayed, ate and worked together.  I loved working with people in ministry, rather than giving to people.  It was a cooperative effort – working with, not working for.  The experiences of love and the building of relationships felt true to the ministry of Jesus. I have never felt more authentic in my life.”
                                    Melissa Engel
                                    Iliff School of Theology

Where:  Asheville, NC

When:  July 5 - 29, 2016

Students from any undergraduate institution may participate.  With permission from their institutions, they may receive academic credit for the class.

Faculty for Clarify hold graduate degrees in theology, are missional practitioners, and are both clergy and laity.  Bios are available here.

$4,900 for tuition, room, and board. The student is responsible for transportation books and incidentals. For more information, email Larry Duggins.

*The Missional Wisdom Foundation does not discriminate based upon race, gender, sexual orientation, or physical limitation. 

*The Missional Wisdom Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in Texas and is not a subsidiary of Southern Methodist University, Perkins School of Theology, or the United Methodist Church. 

“I could immerse myself in the community during my studies, both in ministry and recreation. We were able to apply directly what we learned in class to our experiences at churches and non-profits throughout the weeks. There was plenty of time for rest so we never felt overwhelmed with our studies, allowing us to process and retain what we learned. Finally, it was simple and wonderful to be living with others who were deeply seeking God and their place of ministry in this world. I left feeling fulfilled and craving more experiences like this in my education.”

                  Ryan Klinck
                  Texas A&M at Commerce

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