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Welcome to Launch and Lead, part of the Academy for Missional Wisdom!

Launch and Lead is a two year non-degree program that provides laity and clergy with the theological foundation and practical skills needed for starting and leading micro-communities of contemplative prayer and missional action. The program integrates distance learning technology, immersion experiences, and retreats as well as a contextualized practicum with coaching to provide accessible and affordable education for persons who work full-time.

Monasticism, I learned, isn’t about achieving some sort of individual or communal piety. It’s about helping the church be the church. - Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

The goal of the Launch and Lead is to provide clergy and laity with the training and support needed to cultivate and lead micro-communities of contemplative prayer and missional action. Our goal is to help the church be the church.

Launch and Lead is ecumenical but is oriented especially to resource historically mainline Christian traditions. The retreats and immersions are held regionally, helping to further contextualize content.

Students in the Launch and Lead are required to practice a daily office, regularly attend worship, and participate in a small group for spiritual formation at least twice a month. Accountability for this Missional Wisdom Rule of Life is facilitated through peer formation groups within each cohort.

All faculty who teach in Launch and Lead have both the academic credentials (either Ph.D., D.Min., or M.Div. degrees) and practical experience to guide others in starting and leading micro-communities of prayer and action. All faculty are required to follow the same spiritual and justice formation practices (a rule of life) that are required for students.

Participants in Launch and Lead are organized in geographically based cohorts. Our first two cohorts launched in the fall of 2011. New cohorts begin each September and January. If you are interested in the formation of a new cohort or would like information regarding the upcoming schedule of cohorts, please contact Bret Wells

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