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A Faith Journey at Romero House

A Faith Journey at Romero House

A testimony from our beloved sister, Sheena Logan, recently sent forth from Romero House:

           When I moved into the Epworth house I was not Christian. I did not practice any religion for that matter. I chose to apply for the project for one main reason. I was beginning a new journey in life. I had been accepted to Perkins, where I wanted to learn about religions and try to understand on an academic level what Christianity was all about. Sure I had heard things, some good and some bad, but I wanted to learn the historical facts and theories. I quit my full time job to become a full time student. My options of living were to be homeless, live in a home of a drug dealer, or apply for the Epworth Project. So, I applied.

            Concurrently I began classes at Perkins School of Theology and tried to understand and apply living in Christian community. I moved into the house in July and it was about November when I began to actually fully live the way Christians are called. It wasn’t that I was not trying, but I just didn’t know or understand how. I am more than thankful for those that lived in the house with me: they were patient, mentors, lovers, and above all brothers and sisters.

            My experiences in the past concerning the Church were a few. First, the Church was a building. The people in that building were hypocrites and judgers. This was my experience. Christian people telling me I would burn in the pits of hell because I was not saved. I did not even know what that meant, but I surely knew they were crazy. My life was just fine. Moving into the house was a completely miraculous experience for me. I have learned that the people in this world create the body of Christ. That body, is the CHURCH. Christ Foundry (our anchor church) lived the life of a Church, without a building! This was a very important part of my growth to choose to follow Christianity, to see that we truly are the body of Christ.

            When I heard the word Evangelism, I thought of the people that would stand at my middle school passing out bibles and telling us we were all sinners. Not a great experience at all. Similar to what I heard from a Rob Bell’s video, “the bullhorn guy”.  Participating in the Epworth Project and New Day have given me a better understanding of what evangelism is and looks like. I have come to find that evangelism is: to be in a relationship with a diverse community, no judgment of race, sex, gender, sexuality, class, or culture, sharing your individual light of Christ to the world, living a faithful lifestyle as a servant of God, while working towards social justice. At the same time, forming relationships with each other and God that portray God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ that is empowered by the Holy Spirit, supported by the community for the transformation of the world. I have experienced and lived this evangelism, by attending New Day services where there are multiple cultures present, multiple languages spoken, men, women, children, middle class, working class, poverish class, and even upper class present. Despite the differences in the people present, we gather to study the word of God, we gather to worship the Lord, we gather in Christian community, and above all: ANYONE IS WELCOME. 

            I have come to understand discipleship and mission as one in the same. We are called to love our neighbors as you love yourself. I believe this is the foundation of how a relationship should be in the world. All humans should be treated honorably and respected. In addition, God reminds us that we should always live a life that glorifies him. On my front door for the last 3 years there has been a sign posted that reads, “Micah 6:8 ‘do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.’” These have become three principles that I, as a Christian, have learned through the Epworth Project, that I am to follow. Not to follow when I choose, but a lifestyle to adopt. It is now a continuous action in my life that compliments all persons whom are made in the image of God. I have grown to understand that my mission in life is to walk alongside others, where ever they are in life, build holistic relationships, and to love unconditionally.

            I will be forever thankful for my experiences with the Missional Wisdom Foundation. This is the place that accepted me before I was a believer, this is the organization that had people so loving that they were patient and kind to me. This is the place that I learned how to experience God everyday and share that love with others.

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