The Epworth Project Houses

Amani House

In Swahili, Amani means "House of Peace."  The men of Amani House are engaged in daily ministry with refugees from all over the world.

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Casa De La Paloma

Paloma House is an all woman's house that sits midway between Dallas and Fort Worth.

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Cochran House

The residents of Cochran House share this historic 1895 home and grounds with Cochran Chapel UMC.

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer House

Bonhoeffer House is…

A home or a second home for all who come into our doors

A place that maintains a heart for the homeless community of East Dallas

A community that seeks to honor and love all of our dysfunctions with God                 

A places where we will not use our dysfunction to hurt others in our community and beyond

A place where we seek communal reconciliation and personal transformation towards holiness

We live into all of this through our Rule of Life, our Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service, and Witness


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Savannah House

The Savannah House (An Affiliate Epworth Project House) is a “Young Clergy Initiative” project of Christ United Methodist Church in Plano.

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Peace House

The residents of Peace House include our co-founder, Elaine Heath, and her husband, our Director of Spiritual Formation, Wendy Miller and her husband.

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Susanna Wesley House

Susanna Wesley Mission Statement:
Rooted in prayer,
Growing through love,
Seated at the table.

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St Francis House

St. Francis House is an Ecumenical community of women engaging our neighbors in creative hospitality. We live in joyful contemplation sharing our table and garden with all.

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“[Our] point is not that churches ought to imitate new monastic communities but that another way is possible.” Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

The Epworth project is about teaching, learning, experiencing and modeling that that another way is possible indeed. Our community of houses is always expanding to include new contexts for incarnational engagement of God’s mission.

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