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Gathering with Ascent Alaska

Gathering with Ascent Alaska

AMW's Nora Ortiz Fredrick announces new gathering dates and times for her missional community in Alaska.

"We've launched Day Break - a gathering to discuss spiritual practices that meets briefly every Friday morning before work at Kaladi Brothers Brayton community room - a midtown Anchorage coffee house. We invite people from inside and outside the church to join this gathering - which is lead by leaders from several churches and missional communities.

On April 15 we'll launch our first GPS gathering! We'll meet the 3rdTuesday after work to talk about faith and spirituality, hear a speaker about outdoor rec and work together on a service project for your community! We are excited to start gathering our diverse community in one space."

Ascent Alaska is organized around a model they call GPS = grow | play | serve. You'll find hiking yoga, coffee talks and a community that welcomes every form of diversity. Nora and friends are particularly welcoming to their neighbors who consider themselves "Spiritual, But Not Religious" and are looking for a community in which to explore further. To learn more, visit their site or contact Nora.

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