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My Friend Danced His Way Home

Written by Justin Hancock
My Friend Danced His Way Home

Justin Hancock

Justin Hancock

Cochran House Steward

Rev. Justin Hancock is a graduate of Perkins School of Theology with a Masters in Christian Ministries and an ordained Deacon appointed to the Northwest Texas Conference. Justin and his wife, Lisa, are on a journey to discover where God can be found in every type of community. They are volunteers at New Day Amani, a micro-church that primarily serves African refugees in Dallas.  They are also residents of the Epworth Project's Cochran House, an intentional community to do ministry in a neighborhood in the middle of central Dallas. Justin and Lisa feel that this process of discovering God on the margins is leading toward eventually starting their own community for individuals and families with disabilities beyond his own circumstance of dealing with Cerebral Palsy (CP). He likes to say that he comes with a firm conviction that God’s answer is always "yes" even when society or other forces do what they can to tell us "no."   His greatest example of a life of monastic self-sacrifice is his fierce loyalty and long-suffering support of his beloved Chicago Cubs

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