From its inception on the Day of Pentecost, the church has been called to be the people of God, gathered and filled with the Holy Spirit, then sent out into the world to be good news. The people of the early church were known for their hospitality, prayer, and justice as they met in homes for communal meals and worship, and as they shared their resources (Acts 2:42-47). According to Acts 2:47 this way of life evangelized their neighbors.

New Day communities base their structure upon these early practices of the church, believing that evangelism is best done incarnationally, in the manner of Acts 2:42-47. Early Methodism was also built on small communities that met for disciple formation through prayer, hospitality and justice. The same practices of hospitality, prayer, and justice are found in New Day communities.

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“Missional” means “sent.” Being sent means, among other things, forming loving relationships with our neighbors. Our missions arise from the community as the Holy Spirit leads. Some of our missional activities include:

  • Neighborhood Bible studies and hospitality nights: In diverse neighborhoods, members of New Day are cultivating friendships, building community, and sharing Christ as a way of life. Through these simple means of relational missions, we have experienced and seen the Spirit at work among us.
  • Reaching out in presence, action and word to our neighbors who suffer
  • Committing to gender, racial and ethnic equality in our community and in the world


  • We are a new monastic community in the United Methodist tradition who has chosen to live according to a Wesleyan Rule of Life. While participants are not required to become members, we encourage all to consider how learning and practicing the rule of life can lead to transformation. We believe that our rule of life assists in answering the call to make disciples of Jesus Christ in not only transforming our lives but transforming the world.
  • Diverse
  • We are a diverse expression of community in three ways:
  • We embrace theologically rich conversation in our practices of worship and dialogue, aiming not for identical opinions but diverse perspectives on God and life.
  • We are committed to authentic community and encourage all to embrace who they are. We value the unique voices within our community.
  • We are multi-generational and multi-racial in all facets of community life.

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