Role Of The Anchor Church

“We’re not trying to leave the church behind and do something new on our own . . . we are finding our way with Jesus, and what we’re finding is that we need the church.”                              Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

New Day Communities are satellite congregations anchored in United Methodist churches. This means that our lead teams are bi-vocational and, with the exception of interns, do not receive any compensation for their pastoral service to New Day, which helps us maximize our missional outreach and minimize our internal costs.

We are affirmed by annual conferences and other judicatory agencies across the United States including North Texas, Central Texas, Oregon-Idaho, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, and Western North Carolina annual conferences.

Relationship between New Day and Anchor Church:

  • Pastor(s) and lead team follow the same rule of life.
  • Pastor(s) and lead team meet for covenant group twice a month.
  • Anchor church handles financial administration for New Day, but New Day is self funding through its offerings and through grants, etc. that it may secure for community development work.
  • New Day includes people from anchor church in regularly scheduled missional outreach such as neighborhood fiestas, ESOL classes, etc.
  • New Day influences congregational members toward following a similar way of life in their own neighborhoods through a rule of life, neighborhood hospitality, and engagement in justice issues.

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